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Once upon a time there was a little girl with a dream. She wanted to be an Actress, but her life was very different then.

Many years later she innocently did a photo shoot in Central London so that she would have some special pictures to look back on.

Lara felt so at home in front of a camera that she was encouraged to take it seriously and become a model by the Studio Director. She soon won a contract with a model agency and built up a library of fantastic characters and memories.

However, Lara's first love of acting still remained, it took her back to school, and she started an incredible new journey of self discovery.

Lara says: "Me? I have been an actress or performer most of my life, whether than be as a musician, songwriter, model, student of the arts, role playing as a 9 to 5 office executive, or just as a regular girl trying to stand up for herself and have a voice. I never want to stop learning and growing as a person because that's all we have, one life to be brave in and live our dreams. Waiting for things to happen will only leave me in inadequacy and eventual staleness and I will wilt and die like a flower. I was not born to compromise with my talent, or at least the belief that I have to run the whole race and stick around when they give out the prizes. I left my faint-heart in a lonely corner somewhere in a fight or flight war one day. I chose to survive, to duck, dive and never rationalise..... so let the next show begin!"

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